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New Body Protector Label accepted under BRC Rules

From 1st October, a new BETA Level 3 label will be launched on body protectors.

This will be accepted under BRC rules withimmediate effect, along with the usual purple label.

To clarify, body protectors will need to have ONE of the labels (either the level 3 purple 2009 OR the level 3 blue 2018). As purple 2009 labels will continue to be sold to body protector manufacturers until the end of this year, it is anticipated that BRC will continue to accept the purple 2009 labels until 2025.

2018 BRC BP STANDARDS v2 Oct 2018

2018/2019 Memberships now due

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The time has come for our annual AGM

Which will be held on Wed 31st Oct at the Tennis Club, Forres  7::30 for 8:00

(Feel free to come in your guising costume!!)

This year a few of us 'oldies' are coming off the committee. Would you like to be a committee member and have a say in how your club is run?

Some info from the Club Secretary is below.

Dear member,

Here is a wee piece about the committee, we are always looking for new members so don't be shy!

First of all our long standing Chairwoman Fiona Fraser is standing down after over 30 years plus service. Fiona has dedicated most of her life to our riding club but family and work have taken priority now and she doesn't have the time she used to to commit to it any more. We will still see her around though and we are eternally grateful for all her effort and hard work in making this club what it is today and we wish her all the best for her future :o)

So what is involved in being on a committee…….

Well our committee is made up of members who have 'posts' which are - Chairperson, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Competition Secretary, Training Officer, Press Officer and 5 other members, amongst them we also have a child protection officer.

Chairperson - chairs the committee meetings, keeps up to date with the latest news from head office and Area 22 (emails are sent from head office and Area 22 committee to the chair, secretary and treasurer) goes to any Area 22 meetings (although anyone from the committee can go to these) or dials in via telephone conference as these meetings can be quite far away. They are normally held once or twice a year and discuss things like Area competitions, training and any new rules and regulations.

Vice chair - takes over chairperson duties in the absence of the chair.

Treasurer -Responsible for all of the club's money, both incoming and outgoing, and needs to keep accurate records to ensure legal compliance.

Membership Secretary - Main administrator for the club. Takes minutes at committee meetings, maintains a secure membership database of all members. Keeps up to date with all the rules and regulations needed to run shows and shares any news from head office/Area 22/BRC.  Organises entries for members competing at Area 22 and Saddle up competitions.

Competition Secretary - responsible for taking all and managing entries for competitions. Setting times for dressage and ODE. Organising judges for shows, and finding jump judges. Ordering rosettes and prizes and having all paperwork to enable a show to go ahead. Looks after the points system (winner gets trophy at AGM).

Training Officer - Organises and manages all types of training, from getting the trainer, to hiring the venue, setting the price, organising the times and collecting the money.

Press Officer - Responsible for any dates/results going into magazines/shops/papers.

Not forgetting our 5 x committee members who along with the rest of the committee help set up for shows/training, steward/write for dressage at shows/training, work in the caravan, are scorers/jump judges/cooks/make jump judges packed lunches, clear away after shows/ rope arenas plus many more - we are very versatile!

At the first meeting after the AGM we welcome any new members then discuss and set the new competition dates for the coming year. We also discuss what training we would like to have, and what we would like to spend our money on e.g. new jumps/fillers/poles.


When there are shows we organise set up for a few days before.

So if you think you can spare a bit of your time to help run your club, can manage to come to committee meetings maybe 5-6 times a year normally held at the Tennis Club in Forres then come and join our committee, we would love to have new people and fresh ideas!

We look forward to seeing you there!